PNI is a reputable international news organization

Pakistan News International (PNI) is a Pakistani news agency that was established in 1984. PNI has been providing news coverage from across the globe since its inception. PNI provides exclusive news coverage to international media outlets including Reuters, BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, Associated Press, Agence France Presse, and many others. we have a urdu news … Read more

Latest urdu News at Pakistan News International

Pakistan News International (PNI) is a reputable international news organization which was established on March 23, 2018. In a short span of time, PNI has made its place among Urdu reading, writing and speaking readers all over the world. The management of PNI is in the hands of senior journalists of Urdu journalism Latest urdu News … Read more

Faisalabad News about latest and update news

Faisalabad News All Headlines and News updates You can read latest about all city of Faisalabad News , Headlines of today and archives of news. Latest and updated Breaking news including headlines, current affairs, current issues , analysis, and in-depth stories are also available on this site. UP also includes latest photos of news and … Read more

City 42 Urdu News First Only Lahore News

All the news about Pakistan news, world news and sports news are available on City 42 Urdu News site. City 42 Urdu News provides you all the information about current issues or events of Pakistan and also available all city news of Lahore . Moreover health news, showbiz news, international news technology news, trending news, … Read more

International News in Urdu get Latest News Website

Pakistan News International  provides you with some of the most authentic Worldwide News Urdu news information available online, covering both local and international topics. By simply clicking on it once, you can browse multiple Urdu news stories. Viewers can leave comments on the website about their experiences and suggestions. The Urdu News provides daily updated … Read more

Urdu News Pakistan get Latest and Updated News

TheOnlinePoint brings you daily Pakistani newspapers list. At the tip of your fingers, you can read every news story here on your mobile phone, desktop or tablet.Urdu News Pakistan We feature here Pakistani Urdu Newspapers like Roznama Pakistan, Naya Akhbar, Daily Express, and more — you can discover here every newspaper, and read daily what’s happening in Pakistan and around the world. … Read more

Notification of measures to prevent corona on Eid, Latest News 2021

Notification of measures to prevent corona on Eid, Latest News 2021 Hotels, shopping malls, parks closed, complete ban on tourism ISLAMABAD: A meeting of the National Command and Control Center (NCCC) has taken important decisions regarding Ramadan and Eid. The Interior Ministry has issued notification of measures to prevent corona on Ramadan and Eid, according … Read more

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