Sahir Lodhi is the new host for BOL’s Game Show ‘Champions League’

Sahir Lodhi, one of the known showbiz celebrities, has joined hands with BOL Entertainment as he begins hosting Pakistan’s biggest show Champions League season 4.

The first episode of Champions League season 4 was aired on July 27th and it turned out to be a hit because of the enthusiastic host Sahir Lodhi.

The popular TV show which first commenced in 2017 and was hosted by the biggest Pakistani superstars, and now Sahir Lodhi, is bringing entertainment for the viewers of BOL Entertainment all across Pakistan.

Sahir Lodhi is the most beloved television icon/radio host. He holds a notable position in Pakistan’s media industry.

He is also considered as the duplicate Shahrukh Khan of Pakistan.

In 2017 Sahir Lodhi released his film Raasta, which he had written, directed, produced, and acted in. The film, couldn’t do well and garnered a lot of criticism from movie critics for only appealing to a certain class of society.

Sahir Lodhi, who became enraged at the criticism, had also called out the bloggers and reviewers for their biased reviews.

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