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TheOnlinePoint brings you daily Pakistani newspapers list. At the tip of your fingers, you can read every news story here on your mobile phone, desktop or tablet.Urdu News Pakistan

We feature here Pakistani Urdu Newspapers like Roznama Pakistan, Naya Akhbar, Daily Express, and more — you can discover here every newspaper, and read daily what’s happening in Pakistan and around the world.

Whether it’s the local news or international media outbreak, whether it’s the Urdu language you want to read in or you prefer to read news stories in English — you can scroll through thousands of news stories here every day. We keep updating Pakistan Newspapers constantly so you don’t miss single news.

With dozens of daily newspapers, it is troublesome to download all your favorite newspapers every single day. And, moreover, with printed newspapers, it is near to impossible for you to have all Pakistani daily newspapers in your hands every day.Urdu News Pakistan

However, we have created the most favorable solution for you:  Pakistan News International 

Here, you can read every newspaper of your choice. TheOnlinePoint introduces you to every news story of Pakistan, and the whole world in your smartphone, absolutely free, with only a few clicks of your choice. Check out the top stories now.Urdu News Pakistan

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